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HCE Aero is more than 35 years of experience in the service of the safety of your ULMs. Its team is made up of experienced technicians and seasoned pilots who want to pass on their knowledge for the benefit of all.

The trainer, Christophe Huchet, initially engine preparer in motor racing,
level 4 tMRI technician (

Holder of a Master's degree in automotive mechanics, trainer for manufacturers for more than 15 years, Christophe Huchet has nearly 35 years of experience. Expert with the Rennes Court of Appeal, he is also a 3-axis ULM and Autogyro pilot, also holder of the Basic Aircraft Brevet.

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Expert in technical and non-technical trades in non-certified automotive and aeronautical distribution (ULM)

Trainer for the automobile and the motorcycle for more than 15 years where he works with the largest manufacturers, he has acquired a very complete experience of learning in the management of workshops, concessions, through assistance in competition at the highest level and R&D.

In 2015 he trained in the technology and repair of ROTAX series 9 engines-- directly from theRSFC official training organization of the manufacturer ROTAX:


He took the courseIRMT until I got level IV
(maximum possible for people who are not part of the manufacturer's network)

Holder of a mechanical master's certificate and numerous training courses throughout his career.


He now puts his skills at the disposal of pilots and technicians who wish.

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