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This silicone hose advantageously replaces the upper  (Heads=>Water Pump)  and lower (Cylinder Head=>Expansion Vase) hoses. The resistance of the silicone prevents replacement every 5 years. Quantity required 2m

Attention! For some assemblies it will be necessary to provide a bendable or pre-bend hose for one of the upper hoses.



Blue silicone hose DN= 16 mm L= 1000 mm

VAT Included
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    Colissimo €12.00

  • Material

    VMQ Silicone

    Internal diameter


    wall thickness

    4mm = 5/32 inch



    Number of inserts

    min. 3 (larger diameters are supplied with 4 inserts)

    Working temperature

    from -50°C to +180°C

    working pressure

    8 bar (8.16 kg/cm2)

    Burst pressure

    23.5 bar (23.96 kg/cm2)


    65-75 Shore A

    Tensile strength

    Min 6.0MPa (N/mm2)

    Elongation at break

    Min. 200%

    Compression adjustment

    70 hours at 150°C

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