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  • Specialized laboratory analysis
  • Interpretation by a motorist
  • Recommendations
  • Enables rapid, reliable and accurate diagnosis
  • Enables post-potential engine tracking

Oil analysis

SKU: 364215376135191
VAT Included
    • You book your analysis online
    • An order number is assigned to you.
    • A sampling kit is sent to you by the laboratory
    • Syringe
      • soft tube
      • Bottle
      • Direct debit certificate
      • Shipping label
    • Write the order number on the bottle
    • You take the sample (preferably by suction in the oil tank*)
    • You complete the direct debit certificate
      • Copy the order number
      • Send it by @
    • You send the sample with the sampling certificate(in simple letter in the padded receipt envelope)
    • The results are sent to us directly (+-15 days)
    • We send you @ the analysis and its interpretation with our recommendations.

    *Cold or hot


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