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This book deals with the first competitions from 1982, the first rallies, aircraft tests at the beginning of the ULM, mood posts, anecdotes, radio relay missions in Turkey, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Oman... 40 years of a well-filled career!

This book is based on articles I wrote in the specialized (Vol Moteur, Finesse 10, ULM Mag, ULM 2000, etc.) and non-specialized (Liberation, Medical Tribune) press during the Roaring Twenties period when the ULM.

246 pages of ULM history

VAT Included
  • Originality to report to you; 28 QR codes inserted in this collection will allow you to see unpretentious, old and newer films on anonymous or known characters, demonstrations, trips or devices...

  • If you want a dedication for you or for someone else, specify the first name

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